Introductory Modal

Start Date End Date
Wednesday March 26 th, 2014 Wednesday April 2nd, 2014 at 6PM PDT
Modals starFallBingo v2@2x

Note: This first version of the modal, incorrectly showed the wrong name for all three prizes!

It was quickly fixed.

Modals starFallBingo@2x

Chance to win a second T-Rex

Modals trexgoal v2@2x

The earlier modal, showed the event ending on Tuesday. 

Modals trexgoal@2x

Older Modal with Incorrect End Date

To play this Bingo, click on the Mallet, then Featured and select this Featured Graphic. 

Featured starfallbingo@2x

Alternatively click on one of these handome HUDs appearing on the right of your screen while visible.   Features the most awaited Dino of all time - the awesome and ferocious TRex !

HUD starfallbingo icon@2x
HUD starfallbingo2 icon@2x

You can even choose one of these two goal icons as they are available. 

Goal Icon 1 Goal Icon 2
Goal icon starfallbingo@2x
Goal icon starfallbingo2@2x

Play three different awesome Bingo Pattern Boards with exclusive new prizes and a price point for everyone!

Regular Bingo Super Bingo Mystery Bingo

Featured starfallbingo bingo@2x

25 Crystals per Play

Featured starfallbingo super@2x

49 Crystals per Play

Featured starfallbingo mystery@2x

59 Crystals per Play


Moon House

Shooting Star Habitat

T-Rex Dino

Homes moonhouse@2x
Habitat bingo shootingstar thumbnail@2x
Trex baby@2x

Houses 4 villagers 

Footprint: [3,3]

Room for 4 Dinos

Footprint: [x, x]

Biome: Volcano

Desert Tier 3

Tax: x Coins / y Hours

Capacity: y


Earn back up to 60 crystals!  Let's get started!

Step Task Reward
1 Play Super Bingo 3 Times


Crystal GiftBundle LoRes
2 Play Super Bingo 2 More Times


Crystal GiftBundle LoRes
3 Says Play Mystery Bingo 3 Times, but only twice is required


Crystal GiftBundle LoRes
- - - Total - - - 


Crystal GiftBundle LoRes

Taming the Beast!

Once you win, hatch and place your new baby T-Rex in a habitat, you will after restarting the game, see a new challenge icon so that you can win a second baby T-rex!!

Goal icon starfallbingo2@2x

Let's get started!

Goal icon starfallbingo2@2x
Taming the Beast! 10 Steps Required
Step Task Reward

Finish feeding your T-Rex 4 Times

30 minutes each feeding.

You can feed any dino. 

500 Coins & 500 XP

Tip 10 villagers. 

500 Coins & 500 XP

Collect 250 Food Resources

500 Coins & 500 XP
4 Complete 2 of each recipe using the Village Grill. The Small Grill will not work. 2 shrimp, 2 steak and 2 salmon recipes.  500 Coins & 500 XP

Finish feeding your T-Rex 8 Times

You can feed any dino. 

500 Coins & 500 XP
6 Build a Large Playground or Super Playground. 500 Coins & 500 XP
7 Using the Village Grill complete 3 shrimp, 3 steak and 2 salmon recipes.  500 Coins & 500 XP

Finish feeding your T-Rex 8 Times

You can feed any dino. And only 8 feeds are required, not 10 as stated at first. 

500 Coins & 500 XP

9 Complete 2 of each recipe using the Florist or Small Florist. Finish 2 wildflower, 2 hibiscus and 2 princess recipes.  500 Coins & 500 XP
10 Build the T-Rex Painting. 

5000 XP and T-Rex Egg

Trex egg@2x
Second TREX Reward

Time-Saving Tip: You can feed any of your dinos to get the dino-feeding credits. 

At the completion of all the steps, a second egg for the T-Rex will appear in your Dino Den. 

TrexEgg in DinoDen

New Exclusive PrizesEdit

Moon House

Item Moon House
Homes moonhouse@2x
Value x crystals
Reward x Coins / x Hours
Capacity Houses 4 villagers
Size [3, 3]

Shooting Star Habitat

Item Shooting Star Habitat
Habitat bingo shootingstar@2x
Value x crystals
Dino Capacity Room for 4 dinos
Coin Capacity ? Coins
Size [x, x]

T-Rex Painting: Required for step 10 of "Taming the Beast" Challenge. 

Item T-Rex Painting
Decoration trexpainting@2x

20,000 Coins, 1000 Lumber,

3,500 Stone & 1,000 Wool

Reward 10,000 Coins / 24 Hours
Build  24 Hours
Size [3, 3]

Prize Notification Snapshots

Moon House Shooting Star Habitat T-Rex Dino Egg
Starfall Biingo RegularPrizeNotification
Starfall Bingo SuperPrizeNotification
Starfall Bingo MysteryPrizeNotification

Bingo BoardsEdit

Here are some sample Bingo Boards. The design of the Super Bingo Boards and the Mystery Bingo Boards are the same for all players, but some of the prizes are still determined randomly for each board. 

Super Board Mystery Board

Starfall Bingo SuperBoard

Starfall Bingo MysteryBoard

Pattern: 5 Blue Squares, 1 Free Pattern: 4 Blue Squares

However, there are a near-infinite number of Regular Bingo Boards. Here are a few from various players.  The pattern requires 9 tiles. 

Regular Board 1 Regular Board 2
Starfall Bingo RegularBoard1

> > Please add more! 

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