The cool and clear skies in November are perfect for stargazing. Open up the new StarGazing Crate for just 39 crystals to discover all kinds of awesome celestial prizes! 

Introductory Modal

Modals stargazingCrates@2x
Start Date End Date
Tuesday November 12, 2013 December 2nd, 2013 at 6PM Pacific

New Twist: Completing the Crate Goals will give this awesome, free and exclusive decoration, the Dwarf Star!  Of course, you will also win back plenty of crystals!

Decoration dwarfstar thumbnail@2x

Dwarf Star

To play Stargazing Crates, just click on the Ursa Minor HUD or click on the mallet and then the featured CRATES choice. 

Featured Crates HUD
Featured crates v3@2x
HUD stargazingcrates icon@2x

To open a crate costs 39 crystals


Step Task Reward

Place 1 Ursa Major or 1 Ursa Minor Statue

The Big or Little Dipper.

12 Crystals & 450XP
2 Place an Orion Statue Decoration 10 Crystals & 450XP
3 Place 1 Observatory House 14 Crystals & 450XP
4 Place 1 Exploratorium Habitat 25 Crystals & 700XP & the Dwarf Star
Total Win up to 61 crystals. 
Decoration dwarfstar thumbnail@2x


Let's see what the telescope reveals shall we?

Stars & Galaxies: On low magnification you should be able to make out some bright stars and nearby galaxies. 

Item Dwarf Star

Milky Way Galaxy

- - animated - -

Decoration dwarfstar thumbnail@2x
Decoration galaxy thumbnail@2x
Rank NA: Special Prize 2
Footprint [2, 2] [2, 2]
Value Free Prize 129 Crystals
Reward 450 Coins / 4 Hours 750 Coins / 5 Hours

Starry Bridge: Gateway to the Heavens


Starry Bridge

The bridge of dreams!

Decoration starrybridge thumbnail@2x
Rank 3
Value x
Reward 450 Coins / 4 Hours
Footprint [4,4]

Orion Hunter: I really hope Rupert does not hurt that little raptor!

Turns out Orion/Rupert has bested the dino, in what was just a friendly battle. 

Item Orion Statue
Decoration orionhunterstatue thumbnail@2x
Rank 4
Value x
Reward 375 Coins / 7 Hours
Footprint [2,2]

Celestial Doggies: These are awefully cute puppies, even if one seems to be a bit grumpy!

Item Canis Minor Statue Canis Major Statue
Decoration andrewsarchus minor thumbnail@2x
Decoration andrewsarchus major thumbnail@2x
Rank 3 3
Footprint [1, 1] [2, 2]
Value ? x Crystals
Reward 450 Coins / 5 Hours 450 Coins / 5 Hours

Celestial Bears: Here's a couple of teddy bears that need a good home.


Ursa Minor Statue

The Little Dipper

Ursa Major Statue

The Big Dipper

Decoration ursaminor thumbnail@2x,png
Decoration ursamajor thumbnail@2x
Rank 4 4
Footprint [2, 2] [3, 3]
Value x Crystals x Crystals
Reward 175 Coins / 5 Hours 200 Coins / 6 Hours

New HouseEdit

Second tier prizes include this awesome Observatory House. 

Item Observatory House
House observatory thumbnail@2x
Value 149 Crystals
Reward 500 Coins/ 4 Hours
Capacity Houses 3 Villagers
Footprint [3,3]


Grand prize is this awesome, brand new Exploratorium Habitat

Item Exploratorium Habitat
Habitat premium exploratorium@2x
Value 299 Crystals
Capacity Room for 4 dinos! Coin capacity of 5000.
Footprint [6, 6]
Appearance > > 

Screenshots showing Rank, Image and Description for EachEdit

Ui modal cratePurchased 0005 rank1@2x
Stargazing 1 exploratoriumhabitat
Ui modal cratePurchased 0004 rank2@2x
Stargazing 2 observatoryhouse
Stargazing 2 milkywaystatue
Ui modal cratePurchased 0003 rank3@2x
Ui modal cratePurchased 0002 rank4@2x
Stargazing 3 canisminorstatue
Stargazing 4 ursaminorstatue
Stargazing 3 canismajorstatue
Stargazing 4 ursamajorstatue
Stargazing 3 starrybridge
Stargazing 4 orionstatue

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