Get ready for the return of the multiweek Storybook theme. It is expected to start June 6, 2013 and end on Tuesday June 11th. 

The First Act: Storybook Adventure: Can you open the Magic Book?

Modals storybookAdventure@2x

Every Tiny Villager wants to live in a Storybook Cottage!

Modals storybookCottage v2@2x

The Magic Bookshop also returned during this phase. Looks like a stray crystal got placed on the graphic! 

It's right over the word "For". We cherish these typos for their value as collectors' items.

Modals magicBookshop lvl30 v2@2x

There are three different Magic Bookshops depending on your level. 

Level ≥ 5 Level ≥18
Modals magicBookshop lvl4 v2@2x
Modals magicBookshop lvl18 v2@2x

The Second Act: Theodore Trapped!

Expected to start June 13th and end June 18th. 

Modals theodoreTrapped@2x

MIrror, Mirror: Look what the Magic Storybook has released!

Modals mirrorMirror v2@2x

Unlocked Magical Items: 

Modals unlockedMagicalItems v2

The Final Act: Can you save Theodore? He has been trapped inside the storybook and can't get out!

Modals saveTheodore v2@2x

Return of the beloved Storybook Habitat. 

Modals storybookHabitat v2@2x

Challenges for Act 1: Challenges are the same as from last year. 

1. Build the Magic Storybook. Costs 4000 gold coins and takes five hours to build. 

2. Build three Magic Torches. Each costs 950 and finishes in 30 minutes. 

3. Build the Magic Library. Costs only 1800 gold coins and finishes in 7 hours. 

4. Recipes: 2 mystery books, 2 fable books and 1 Spell Book. 

Each step earns 400 gold and 400 XP, except the last which gives 5 crystals instead of coins. 

Challenges for Act 2: Challenges are the same as from last year. 

1. Build three friendship letters. 

2. Tip 5 friends. 

3. Add a friend.

4. Build the Friendship pillar. 

Each step earns 400 coins and 400 XP, except the last which gives 5 crystals

Challenges for Act 3: Challenges are the same as from last year.

1. Feed 1 dino

2. Successfully fuse 2 dinos

3. Build 1 fusion pillar

Each step earns 400 coins and 400 XP, except the last which gives 3 crystals.

Challenges for Act 4: Challenges are the same as from last year.

1. Build 1 Dino Feather

2. Build 1 House of Straw, Sticks, Bricks or a Shoe House

3. Build 1 Nest Building Shop

4. Recipes: 1 Dino Pillow, 1 Magic Stand, 1 Golden Straw

5. Build 1 Storybook Nest

6. Build 1 Storybook Pillar

Each step earns 400 coins and 400 XP. There is no Crystal Reward for this final challenge.

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