Supershiny dinos were introduced just before Thanksgiving 2013. These are by far, the hardest dinos to obtain, using dinofusion.  The chance of fusing a supershiny dragon is believed to be around one in a hundred to one in four hundred. Certainly, no more than 1% and probably much less. 

Supershiny dinos may well be TV's answer to multifusion. 

Table of Supershiny Dinos and Dragons

Dino Image Tier Biome
Fall Leaf Dragon
Leafdragon rainbow adult@2x
2 Jungle
Red Leaf Dragon
Leafdragon red adult@2x
3 Primordia
Yellow Leaf Dragon
Leafdragon yellow adult@2x
3 Primordia
Robotdragon adult@2x
3 Glacier
Rainbow Phoenix
Rainbowphoenix adultV2@2x
3 Cloud

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