Supreme Crates: Featuring eight of Theodore's favorite decorations and prizes from last year. Amazingly, there are two awesome habitats to win as well as two equally awesome houses!

Introductory Modal

Modals supremeCrates@2x
Start Date End Date
Thursday March 6th, 2014 Weekend Only?

Play: To play Supreme Crates, click the Mallet, then Featured and choose the Crates featured graphic.  

Featured crates v3@2x

  Cost: Open each crate for only 39 crystals


Sorry, there was no challenge offered with Supreme Crates. 


Tier 1 Prize: You can win two different habitats!!

Spooky Graveyard Habitat: First seen in Haunted Bingo ! Was never actually a crates prize before now.

Item Spooky Graveyard Habitat
Habitat premium graveyard@2x
Rank Tier 1
Footprint [7, 7]
Value Top Prize in Haunted Bingo
Dinos Room for 3 dinos
Capacity 2500 Coins

Berry Forest Habitat: First seen in Colossal_Bingo!_August_2013.

Item Berry Forest Habitat
Habitat premium berryforest@2x
Rank Tier 1
Footprint [7, 7]

Top Prize in Colossal Bingo

Worth 199 Crystals

Dinos Room for 3 dinos
Capacity 2500 Coins

Tier 2 Prizes: There are
two possible houses to win!

Hollowed Treehouse: First seen in Colossal_Bingo!_August_2013 .

Item Hollowed Treehouse
Houses hollowedtree@2x
Rank Tier 2
Footprint [4, 4]
Value Prize from Colossal Bingo
Reward 425 Coins / 12 Hours
Capacity Houses 4 villagers

Lion Den House: First seen in Proud Mini-Treasures

Item Lion Den House
House LionDen thumbnail@2x

Houses 3 Villagers

Rank Tier 2
Footprint [3, 3]
Worth 129 Crystals
Tax 350 Coins / 4 Hours

Tier 3 Prizes:

Library Storehouse:  First seen in Library_Mini-Treasures as the top prize. Worth 249 crystals.

You have to just love the Library Ladder made from dino bones. 

This storehouse has a footprint of [6,6] and a storage capacity of 25K.


Library Storehouse

Dwarf Star: First seen in Stargazing Crates

Item Dwarf Star
Decoration dwarfstar thumbnail@2x
Rank Tier 3
Footprint [2, 2]
Value Free Prize from Stargazing Crates
Reward 450 Coins / 4 Hours

Tier 4 Prizes

Meditating Rupert: First seen in Zen_Mini-Treasures

Item Meditating Rupert
Decoration zenmeditatingrupert@2x
Rank Tier 4
Footprint [3, 3]
Value 149 Crystals
Reward 700 Coins / 8 Hours

Storytime Reading Decoration: First seen in Library_Mini-Treasures

Item Storytime Reading Decoration
Decoration Storytime@2x
Rank Tier 4
Footprint [4, 4]

Third Prize in Library Mini-Treasures

Worth 99 Crystals

Reward 325 Coins / 6 Hours

Screenshots Showing Prize NotificationsEdit

Rank 1
Spooky Graveyard Habitat Berry Forest Habitat
Rank1 SpookyGraveyardHabitat
Rank1 BerryForest

Rank 2
Hollowed Treehouse Lion's Den House
Rank2 HollowedTreehouse
Rank2 LionDenHouse

Rank 3
Dwarf Star Library Storehouse
Rank3 DwarfStar
Rank3 LibraryStorehouse

Rank 4
Meditating Rupert Storytime Reading
Rank4 MeditatingRupert
Rank4 StorytimeReading

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