Theodore's Crates: The Best of Crates, featuring Theodore's favorite decorations and prizes from last year. 

Introductory Modal

Modals bestofCrates@2x
Start Date End Date
Soon!!, February ??, 2014 March 3rd, 2014

* Actually ended on Tuesday, March 4th, 2014. Just one day late. 

Play: To play Theodore's Crates, click the HUD on the right of your screen. 

HUD bestofCrates icon@2x

Alternatively, click the Mallet, then Featured and choose the Crates featured graphic.  

Featured crates v3@2x

Cost: Open each crate for only 39 crystals


Sorry, there was no challenge offered with Theodore's Crates. 


The top prize is this awesome marine habitat - the Coral Reef Habitat.

Originally appeared in Undersea Crates 
Tier or Rank 1:

Coral Reef Habitat
Habitat premium coralreef@2x
Tier 1 -

Footprint [6,6] - - Capacity 4250 - - Cost 299 Crystals

Appearance: This eye-popping marine habitat features red, pink, white and yellow corals, red and purple spiral snails, a hermit crab, two gold starfish, fronds of green seaweed and sea sponges. 

Tier 2: Observatory House: Returning from Stargazing Crates ! 

Item Observatory House
House observatory thumbnail@2x
Value 149 Crystals
Reward 500 Coins/ 4 Hours
Capacity Houses 3 Villagers
Footprint [3,3]

Tier 3: Rupert and his Giant Robot exosuit have returned from Futuristic_Crates

Decoration giantrobot@2x

Giant Robot: Cost 99 crystals, footprint [3,3], tax 135 Coins / 4 Hours.

Milky Way Galaxy: With billions and billions of stars!!


Milky Way Galaxy

- - animated - -

Decoration galaxy thumbnail@2x
Rank 3
Footprint [2, 2]
Value 129 Crystals
Reward 750 Coins / 5 Hours

This Dolphin Statue back from Undersea Crates is exquisite! Every village needs several of these. 

Dolphin Statue Size Cost Tier
Decoration dolphinstatue thumbnail@2x

Tax: 450 Coins / 5 Hours

[2,2] 79 3

Tier 4 Prizes

Fish Pond: Get this beautiful Fish Pond originally introduced in Spring Crates.


Fish Pond

Decoration fishpond@2x
Rank 4
Footprint [5, 5]
Value 140 Crystals
Reward 400 Coins / 7 Hours

Celestial Bears: Here's a couple of teddy bears that need a good home.

Alert: The Big Dipper is confirmed as available, not sure if the little dipper is here or not. 


Ursa Minor Statue

The Little Dipper

Ursa Major Statue

The Big Dipper

Decoration ursaminor thumbnail@2x,png
Decoration ursamajor thumbnail@2x
Rank 4 4
Footprint [2, 2] [3, 3]
Value x Crystals x Crystals
Reward 175 Coins / 5 Hours 200 Coins / 6 Hours

Cute Cerberus

Item Cute Cerberus
Decoration threeheadedandrewsarchus thumbnail@2x
Value 80 Crystals
Tier 4
Reward 280 Coins / 8 Hours
Build 6 Hours or 6 Crystals
Footprint [3, 3]

Googly Eyed Cactus: First featured in Dino Crates. 

Item Googly Eyed Cactus
Decoration googlyeyecactus thumbnail@2x
Value 129 Crystals
Tier 4
Reward 195 Coins / 8 Hours
Build 12 Hours or 12 Crystals
Footprint [2, 2]

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