After a week wihout a theme change, the Valentine Celebrations return with sweets and the perfect treats for that someone special. 

Introductory Modal

Start Date End Date
Thursday February 6th, 2014
Modals loveDay 211@2x

Initial Shop Error: Unfortunately, there was an error that made it hard to access the decorations for purchase. This was fixed after almost one week. When you tapped the Mallet and then press Featured you would see this window of options. 

FeaturedWindow Error

The item on the right, should have beem "Love Day" and not "Anti-Love Day", which should only appear later. As a result, when you selected the "Anti-Love Day" option all you saw was a blank window, or if you have the Anti-Love Day Shop from last year, you might have seen that just that one item is available. 


Empty Shop Window

Tip: You can still access most of the Valentine decorations either directly through the heart-shaped challenge icon on the left of your screen, or by browsing the Decorations tab inside the Shop

Shop Window Fixed: Fortunately, the above error was fixed and the Shop Window now works perfectly. 



Goals Objective Image Challenge Name Goals Completion Image
Goals rupert love@2x

Roses are Red!

Steps shown for higher-level villages only. 

Lower-level villages may need to make 1 or 2 less items for some of the challenges. 

Goals completion rupert@2x

A. Unlocking steps: Let's get started!

Goal objective valentines@2x
Required Steps for Roses are Red!
Unlocking Steps Task Reward
1. Unlock the Ruby Heart Collect 20 wood, 25 fur and 10 rock resources. 400 Coins & 400 XP
2. Unlock the Sweetheart Garden

Collect 10 Rock and 15 Wood resources.

400 Coins & 400 XP
3. Unlock the Rest

Collect 20 wood, 15 rock and 10 fur resources.

400 Coins & 400 XP
- - -  - - - or - - -   - - - 
Unlock All Items! Unlock everything by building 1 Heart Rose Bush. 400 Coins & 400 XP

Congrats you have completed the unlocking steps. 

B. Main Challenge

StartMainChallenge LoveDay
Goal objective valentines@2x
Required Steps for Roses are Red!
Step Task Reward
1 Build 2 Rose Bushes & 3 Ruby Hearts 400 Coins & 400 XP

Build 3 Sweetheart Gardens

400 Coins & 400 XP

Build 2 Love Day Stores

3 Xstals & 400 XP
4 Recipes - lots of recipes!

10 Xstals & 400 XP

& Chocolate Regina!

- - Complete 2 Chocolate Recipes

- - Complete 3 Love Plush Recipes

- - Complete 3 Shiny Rock Recipes

Time Limit: 38 Hours!

Awesome! Earn a total of 13 crystals in steps 3 and 4 combined, and a Chocolate Regina!

Step 3 Crystal Rewards Step 4 Crystal Rewards
CrystalRewardStep3 LoveDay
CrystalRewardStep4 LoveDay

Congrats! Here are some details on that sweet Chocolate Regina prize you just won! Enjoy!

Item Chocolate Regina
Decoration chocolate regina thumbnail@2x
Cost  Free Prize or 19,999 for more. 
Reward 350 Coins / 6 Hours
Footprint [2, 2]
Build 6 Hours or 3 Crystals


Small Rose Bushes

Item Heart Rose Bush Square Rose Bush
Decoration heartrosebush thumbnail@2x
Decoration squarerosebush thumbnail@2x
Cost - -  99 Coins
Reward 20 Coins / Hour 5 Coins / 8 Hours
Footprint [1, 1] [1, 1]
Build 15 Seconds or 1 Xstal 10 Seconds or 1 Xstal

Ruby Heart

Item Ruby Heart
Decoration heartrock thumbnail@2x
Cost 4999 Coins & 200 rocks
Reward 80 Coins / 4 Hours
Footprint [2, 2]
Build  8 Hours or 2 Crystals
Appearance A gigantic, naturally occuring ruby stone has been meticulously carved into an inspiring heart-shaped sculpture, in celebration of sweethearts, everywhere. 

Rare Miniature Kissing Dolls

Item Kissing Doll Regina Kissing Doll Rupert
Decoration kissingdollregina thumbnail@2x
Decoration kissingdollrupert thumbnail@2x
Cost 89 Crystals 89 Crystals
Reward 32 Coins / 4 Hours 32 Coins / 4 Hours
Footprint [1, 1] [1, 1]
Build 1 Hour or 2 Crystals 1 Hour or 2 Crystals

It's so weird to see Rupert with all that Hair!

Sweetheart Garden

Item Sweetheart Garden
Decoration sweetheartgarden@2x
Cost 3999 Coins, 300 rocks & 300 wood
Reward 100 Coins / 6 Hours
Footprint [4, 4]
Build  8 Hours or 3 Crystals
Appearance Beautiful secluded garden next to a rose bush hedge and fenced off by heart-topped columns. Perfect spot to steal that first kiss!

Heart Rosebud

Item Heart Rosebud
Decoration redrosebed thumbnail@2x
Cost 49 Crystals
Reward 100 Coins / 3 Hours
Footprint [3, 3]
Build  6 Hours or 2 Crystals
Appearance --

Love Flamingos

Item Love Flamingos
Decoration vdayflamingopond@2x
Cost 109 Crystals
Reward 270 Coins / 6 Hours
Footprint [4, 4]
Buils  15 Hours or 15 Crystals
Appearance Two beautiful flamingos, with necks entwined in a heart shape, stand in a heart-shaped lily pond, surrounded by flowers and butterflies. 

Love Gondola

Item Love Gondola
Decoration vdayswanboat@2x
Cost 89 Crystals
Reward 260 Coins / 7 Hours
Footprint [5, 5]
Buils  12 Hours or 12 Crystals
Appearance Rupert and Regina take a leisurely boat ride on a carved swan gondola across a lily-filled pond surrounded by red hearts. 

> > More soon

Premium Time-Released ItemsEdit

Love Day Unicorn - New Modal

Modals magicOfLove 2014@2x
Item Love Day Unicorn
Decoration valentineunicornstatue thumbnail@2x
Cost 249 Crystals
Reward 420 Coins / 4 Hours
Footprint [2, 2]
Build 8 Hours or 4 Crystals

Chocolate Fountain

Modals chocolateLove 211@2x
Item Chocolate Fountain
Decoration chocolatefountain thumbnail@2x
Cost 79 Crystals
Reward 200 Coins / 3 Hours
Footprint [3, 3]
Build 6 Hours or 3 Crystals

Cupid Rupert

Modals loveIsInTheAir 211@2x
Item Cupid Rupert
Decoration cupidrupert thumbnail@2x
Cost 149 Crystals
Reward 390 Coins / 4 Hours
Footprint [3, 3]
Build 12 Hours or 6 Crystals

Flower Bouquet: Available after one Week into Theme

Item Flower Bouquet
Decoration flowerbouquetstatue thumbnail@2x
Cost 49 Crystals
Reward 200 Coins / 3 Hours
Footprint [2, 2]
Build 4 Hours or 2 Crystals

Chocolate Stores: Choose one of three designs depenging on your village's level. Each shop has the usual [4, 4] footprint and takes 12 Hours to build. Hurry for 8 crystals. 

Modals chocolateHeaven 211@2x
Item Chocolate Store  Raspberry Chocolate Store White Chocolate Store
Required Level 5 25 40
Shops chocolatestore@2x
Shops chocolatestore 2@2x
Shops chocolatestore 3@2x
Cost 99 Crystals 99 Crystals 99 Crystals

Recipe Menu for the top-level Chocolate Store is shown below. 

ChocolateStoreRecipeMenu TopLevel

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