The Werewolf Curse or Werewolf Week is the first new theme after a long period of reruns. This brand new theme features exclusive new decorations, new stores and a new challenge with intriguing storyline! Help uncover the mystery and create the Wolfsbane!

Introductory Modal

Modals werewolftheme@2x

Newly Created Modal for October 2013 First Appearance of The Werewolf Curse!!

Start Date End Date
Thursday October 10th, 2013 Friday October 18th, 2013

To purchase any of the items featured in the Werewolf Curse theme,  select the Mallet, then Featured and select this Featured graphic:

Featured werewolf@2x


Cobweb Bush Decoration [1,1]

Item Cobweb Bush
Decoration cobwebbush thumbnail@2x
Size [1, 1]
Cost 2250 Coins 
Reward 60 Coins / 7 Hours

A whimsical Halloween bush is home to a family of spiders, whose webs are woven in three small depressions, causing the bush to resemble a skull with two eyes and a mouth. The two spiders hanging on their silk threads resemble miniature hands. Spooky and eerie! 

Three new street lamps! [1,1] - Each lamp takes 12 hours to build, or hurry for 12 crystals. 



Gold Streetlight

Red Streetlight

Decoration streetlight standard thumbnail@2x
Decoration streetlight premium01 thumbnail@2x
Decoration streetlight premium02 thumbnail@2x
Size [1, 1] [1, 1] [1, 1]
Cost 3000 Coins 89 Crystals  89 Crystals 
Reward 45 Coins / 5 Hours 175 Coins / 5 Hours  175 Coins / 5 Hours 
Appearance Gorgeous brass streetlamp suspended on charcoal grey wrought iron post featuring elaborate artistic curly queues and stone stand at base.  Gorgeous matte-gold streetlamp suspended on matching gold post featuring elaborate artistic curly queues and polished gold stand at base.  Gorgeous matte-gold streetlamp suspended on red post featuring elaborate artistic curly queues and polished gold stand at base. 

Pumpkin Patch [3,3]: Takes 12 hours or hurry for 12 crystals. 

Item Pumpkin Patch
Deco pumpkinpatch thumbnail@2x
Size [3, 3]
Cost 7000 Coins  
Reward 475 Coins / 9 Hours

A field full of ready-to-harvest pumpkins in shades of orange, yellow and white, is guarded by an alert pterodactyl that sits menacingly atop its perch. 

'Werewolf Statue: 'Takes 12 hours or hurry for 12 crystals. 

Item Werewolf Statue
Decoration werewolf@2x
Size [3, 3]

179 Crystals

  • Available after all challenges are completed. 
Reward 670 Coins / 7 Hours

This pretty werewolf statue immortalizes the fearsome andrewsarchus werewolf, poised with one leg raised on a stone while the head is lifted to howl at the full moon. Statue rests on a rectangular stone plinth enclosed by a rope barrier with jack-o'-lantern topped poles at each of the four corners. In her pumpkin-orange shorts, this werewolf makes a confident fashion statement. 

The following sections of fence have recently been pushed to our gadgets. You will need to build 10 White Fences as part of the challenge for Werewolf Week

Item White Fence Bone Fence
Deco whitefence thumbnail@2x
Deco bonefence thumbnail@2x
Size [1, 1] [1, 1]
Cost 750 Coins  19 Crystals
Reward 19 Coins / 18 Hours 59 Coins / 18 Hours
Appearance >>



Preparation Steps: Each step earns 400 coins and 300 XP.  

Halloween Party Preparation
Goal icon werewolf@2x
Step 1. 

Collect 25 rocks, 50 wood and 30 fur.

Step 2. 

Collect 60 Food Resources

Goals Objective Image

Challenge Name

The Great Pumpkin Patch!

Goals Completion Image

Steps are shown for higher-level villages only. 

Lower-level villages may need to make 1 or 2 less items for some of the challenges. 


Goal icon werewolf@2x

Required Steps for the Werewolf Challenge

Main Challenge:

The Great Pumpkin Patch!

Required Task



The Great Pumpkin Patch!

Build a Pumpkin Patch for 7000 Coins

300XP & 400Coins

Something has been smashing the pumpkins!

Build 10 Fence Points To Keep Someone, or Something, Out.  
Build time is just 1 second. 

500XP & 400Coins

Scare it with Fire!

Build 3 Street Lights.

Standard streetlight takes 12 hours. 

500XP & 400Coins

Goals objective witchregina@2x
- - - 
Goals complete witchregina@2x

Build 1 Witch's Potion Hut for 4000 Coins.

Tip: Build 2 or even 3. 

500XP & 400Coins


Energy Drinks All NIght!

Complete 3 Energy Potion Recipes which take 15m each.

500XP & 400Coins


To Catch a Pumpkin Predator

Complete 2 Invisibity Potions which take 8h each.

Woah! The predator is someone we know!

500XP & 400Coins
Goals object werewolf@2x
- - - 
Goals completion betsy@2x

Discovering the Wolfsbane (Potion1)

Complete 2 Energy Potion Recipes &

1 Truth Potion Recipe

500XP & 2Crystals

Discovering the Wolfsbane (Potion2) Complete 2 Truth Potion Recipes & 

1 Invisibility Recipe

500XP & 400Coins
9 Discovering the Wolfsbane (Potion3)

Complete 2 Invisibiity Potion Recipes & 1 Energy Recipe

500XP & 10Crystals

Build a new Pumpkin Patch

You can now buy the Werewolf Statue for 179 Crystals. 

  • It has been confirmed you can just pop the first pumpkin patch in and out of inventory to complete this step. 
500XP & 4Crystals

You can earn a total of 16 = 2 + 10 + 4 crystals.

Premium Time-Released ItemsEdit

Not all decorations or items are typically available on the first day of a new theme. Typically several items will be time-released over the weekend and usually are only available for purchase using crystals. These items will be referred to as premium time-released items.

Premium Potion Huts: New Halloween-themed premium Shops available at levels 20 and 40. 

Modals witchhut@2x

Featured StoresEdit

Witch's Potion Huts! Each of the three Witch Huts sits on a [3,3] footprint and has a 10 hour build, or hurry finish for 10 crystals. Only the purple version is available in upper level villages at a cost of 4000 Coins. 


Blue Premium

Enchanter's Potion Hut

Requires level 40

Green Premium

Sorceress' Potion Hut

Requires level 20


Witch's Potion Hut


Shop witchhut blue@2x
Shop witchhut green@2x
Shop witchhut purple@2x
Cost 169 Crystals x Crystals 4000 Coins
Build Time x Hours x Hours x Hours

Energy Potion
1 Day, 21 hours?

Costs 1200 Lumber
1598 Coins and 2750 XP

Truth Potion
7 Hours, 40min

Costs 2896 Lumber

3786 Coins & 10650 XP

Invisibility Potion
16 Hours

Costs 4560 Lumber
6352 Coins & 58000XP

Building recipe bluepotion@2x

Building recipe greenpotion@2x

Building recipe purplepotion@2x

1x Minutes, y ?

x Coins and y XP

x Minutes, y ?
x Coins and y XP

x Minutes, y ?
x Coins and y XP

Building recipe bluepotion@2x

Building recipe greenpotion@2x

Building recipe purplepotion@2x

Energy Potion
15 minutes

Costs 70 Wood

86 Coins and 468 XP

Truth Potion
2 Hours

Costs 148 Wood
183 Coins and 1725 XP

Invisibility Potion
8 Hours

Costs 196 Wood
701 Coins and 2418 XP


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