Toy Workshop Crates: Absolutely one of the best Crate bundles ever - featuring all new and exclusive decorations and introducing the incredible, cybertronic Robo-Dragon!

Introductory Modal

Modals workshopCrates@2x
Start Date End Date
Tuesday, December 10, 2013 Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Play: To play Workshop Crates, click the HUD on the right of your screen. 

HUD workshopCrates icon@2x

Alternatively, click the Mallet, then Featured and chosoe the Crates featured graphic.  

Featured crates v3@2x

Cost: Open each crate for only 49 crystals


Step Task Reward
1 Place 1 Toy Workshop Sign or 1 Santa's Mailbox 12 Crystals & 450XP
2 Place a Sledding Hill 10 Crystals & 450XP
3 Place 1 of the Present Train Items 14 Crystals & 450XP
4 Place 1 Toy Factory Habitat 25 Crystals & 700XP
Total 61 Crystals & 2050XP


Tier 1 Prize: The grand prize for Workshop Crates is this first-ever, cybertronic denizen of Tiny Village - the Robo-Dragon. Totally awesome!

Dino Robo-Dragon
Robotdragon adult@2x
Tier 3 (Description says 4)
Biome Tundra (Glacier)

Tier 2 Prizes

Toy Factory Habitat: Never have enough gifts for all your villagers? No problem, once your village owns one of these awesome Toy Factories. 

Item Toy Factory Habitat
Habitat premium toyfactory@2x
SIze [6, 6]
Occupants Room for 4 dinos!
Capacity 5000 Coins

Factory Storage Room: (also tier 2)

Item Factory Storage Room
Storage factorystorageroom thumbnail@2x
Size [6,6]
Capacity 60K
Value ?

Tier 3: Assemble a complete holiday train bringing gifts by collecting all three cars: front, gift car and caboose

Item Train Pilot Train Present Car Train Caboose
Decoration trainfront thumbnail@2x
Decoration trainpresentcar thumbnail@2x
Decoration traincaboose thumbnail@2x
Size [2,2] [2,2] [2,2]
Reward 450 Coins / 4 Hours 450 Coins / 5 Hours 450 Coins / 5 Hours

Tier 4 Prizes 

Item Santa's Mailbox Toy Workshop Sign Sledding Hill
Decoration mailbox thumbnail@2x
Decoration signpost thumbnail@2x
Decoration sleddingscene@2x
Size [1,1] [1,1] [3,3]
Reward 200 Coins / 6 Hours 175 Coins / 5 Hours 375 Coins / 7 Hours

Screenshots showing Rank, Image and Description for EachEdit

Ui modal cratePurchased 0005 rank1@2x
WorkshopCrates 1 RoboDragon
Ui modal cratePurchased 0004 rank2@2x
WorkshopCrates 2 ToyFactoryHabitat
WorkshopCrates 2 FactoryStorageRoom
Ui modal cratePurchased 0003 rank3@2x
Ui modal cratePurchased 0002 rank4@2x
WorkshopCrates 3 TrainPilot
WorkshopCrates 4 SantasMailbox
WorkshopCrates 3 TrainPresentCar
WorkshopCrates 4 ToyFactorySign
WorkshopCrates 3 TrainCaboose
WorkshopCrates 4 SleddingHill


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