Leaf dragons adopt different colors to blend in with the local vegetation, usually the same bright shades as the fall leaves on nearby trees. Trees with yellow fall foliage are a favorite lurking spot for - - - Yellow Leaf Dragons!

Standing Sitting
Leafdragon yellow adult@2x

Adult Yellow Leaf Dragon

Below, we see a stunning dino-diorama featuring a family of these masters of camouflage. You will have to look really hard to spot these critters amongst all the yellow leaves!

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Dino-Diorama featuring a family of Yellow Leaf Dragons!

Life StatsEdit

Life Stats for the Yellow Leaf Dragon

Species Name: YellowLeafdragon

Common Name: Yellow Leaf Dragon
BiomeID: Primordia        Tier: Forest tier 3. 

Rarity Group: Supershiny

Probability: 0, Sorry can't get by random egg. 
Hatch Time: 10 hours, Hurry Cost: 10 crystals
Cost: ? Crystals
  1. Hides in leaf piles!
  2. Loves Bitter foods!
  3. She's a jokester

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Professor OneStone

Here are some additional snapshots in various life stages, from egg, to baby, then toddler and teen. 

The delicate sea-green eggs are impressed with deep blue leaves for camouflage. Each egg is cradled in a nest composed of fall foliage, mostly light brown, amber and orange leaves. 

Leafdragon yellow egg@2x
Leafdragon yellow hatchling@2x
Leafdragon yellow toddler@2x
Leafdragon yellow teen@2x
Egg Baby (1-3) Toddler (4-6) Teen (7-9)

Sitting Portraits

Leafdragon yellow egg@2x
Egg Baby (1-3) Toddler (4-6) Teen (7-9)

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