The Zen Mini-Treasures game offers a chance at one of three Zen-inspired prizes for 39 crystals.  Which prize you get is determined randomly, using probabilities as described below. 


The Three Zen-Inspired Prizes

How to PlayEdit

The game is now over, but may come back since Kindle users never had an opportunity to play. 

Step 1. Click the Zen game button to see the the three possible prizes, all exclusive items found only in this Zen mini-game. 

ZenPlayHere ThanksTinyDude

Top prize is the 3x3 Meditating Rupert valued at 149 crystals. 

Second prize is the 4x4 Zen Sand Garden valued at 79 crystals, featuring  prehistoric heroine Regina, contemplating life's mysteries as she quietly holds a Zen garden rake, after carefully simulating ocean waves in the sand. 

Third prize, but to my eye the most beautiful, is the 4x4 Zen Bonsai Tree valued at 49 crystals, and including an oriental-inspired lantern illuminating a quiet pond surrounded by rocks. The subtle flecks of gold suggest this pond is teeming with golden fish!

The three prizes are carefully hidden inside three boxes. 

Step 2. Click the "Play Here" button, then select one of three gift-wrapped boxes. Which prize you will get is a mystery! May the zen guide your decision! You must be connected at this stage. 

ZenThreeBoxes ThanksTinyDude

Step 3. Each play costs 39 crystals! Once you press the confirm button shown below, those precious crystals are gone! You need not be connected to press this button, but unless your connection is reestablished shortly, your game will not be saved and your prize will be lost. 

ZenConfirm ThanksTinyDude

Probabilities and Best StrategyEdit

Which prize you get is determined by a lottery algorithm. But approximately, if you played 7 times you would expect one Meditating Rupert, two Zen Sand Gardens and four Bonsai Trees. The actual probabilties are: 

First Prize: 14%

Second Prize: 30% 

Third Prize: 56%

You can see you are exactly four times more likely to win the Bonsai Garden, than the top prize of Meditating Rupert. 

Requirements: To play you need to have updated to Version 1.17 and be level 5 or above. So sorry, Kindle Fire Users are out of luck, at least for now. 

Time Offered: Started February 27th 2013 and ends on March 4th at 18:00:00 hours. 

Best Strategy: It has been confirmed that you can safely peek at your prize, and for 39 crystals can get any of the three prizes. If I could play, I would try for one of each. Alas, my game is on a Kindle Fire.  

Alternate Zen-Inspired Picture:

ZenPrizeswithCarp 2